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Mismatched front teeth

I don’t know how this happened, but I have one normal tooth and one opaque tooth on my two front teeth. They haven’t always been like this. Would teeth whitening work to fix them?

Phillip M. from Phoenix, AZ.


Teeth whitening is not a solution for uneven tooth color. Because it whitens uniformly, it will accentuate the differences in the two teeth. I think you’d be very unhappy with the results.

My suggestion would be for you to get porcelain veneers. You can get one veneer, an entire set, or anything in between. These are permanently bonded onto your teeth and can change not only the color of your teeth, but their shape as well, if you so desire.

One word of caution though. Creating a veneer for an opaque tooth is a very advanced technique. The veneer needs to mimic the natural translucency of your adjacent teeth, without actually being translucent and showing the opaqueness of the tooth. Very few dentists are capable of this, so don’t just use your family doctor who does some cosmetic ¬†work. You’ll want to find an expert cosmetic dentist.

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