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I feel like I’ve been given horse teeth

I got a smile makeover. I was kind of happy with it, but recently I’ve been feeling like I have horse teeth. I feel like I’m “tripping” over my own mouth. Is it possible to have my teeth trimmed or is that a stupid question?

Amanda G. – San Diego, CA


Yes, porcelain veneers can be trimmed. It is more of an advanced type of procedure–much more advanced then the porcelain veneers themselves.

Have you spoken to your dentist about your disappointment with the results? I don’t know a cosmetic dentist worth their salt, who would be satisfied if their patient wasn’t absolutely and totally thrilled with their new smile.

If you’re worried about whether or not your dentist can do such an advanced procedure, it is perfectly acceptable to have someone else do the trimming.

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Do you know if porcelain veneers can be trimmed?

A couple of months ago I had porcelain veneers placed on my upper canines. I thought I liked them at first because they look pretty good. But as time as passed, I feel like they are larger and longer than they should be. They are not only uncomfortable, I know feel like they look funny. Do you know if they can be trimmed to be shorter? Or do you think my only option is to have them replaced?

– Jeremy in Florida


Porcelain veneers can be trimmed. They can be made to be smaller but it is more difficult and takes a higher skill level to make them longer. This kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment needs to be done by an excellent cosmetic dentist. It is interesting that it was the two canines that you elected to have veneers placed on. Often times if an individual gets porcelain veneers, it is on the front teeth as well. So without knowing your particular situation, it is kind of a question mark as to whether or not your original dentist would be good to go back to. This is mainly due to the fact that less than two percent of dentists actually do beautiful cosmetic dentistry. And since you were unhappy the first time around, it may be worth your while to obtain a second opinion from another cosmetic dentist.

It is difficult for the patient to know any better when a dentist tells them that they can do porcelain veneers. But a general or family dentists may say they do veneers, but their artistic ability simply may not not there. So make sure you select your dentist carefully and move forward with one that you can trust. Ask to see their portfolio of work, for example ask for specific photographs of the canines. You will be able to see what they have done and ask them why they created them a certain way. You should not compromise when it comes to your smile.

Good luck to you.

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