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A correlation between silver (mercury) fillings and migraines?

Migraines have always plagued me. Since my teen years they have only intensified. Me and my doctor have looked for all kinds of causes and correlations to try and get them under control. I just hide in a dark corner when they come and take as much pain medication as I can tolerate. But there has to be a reason! The latest topic I have been researching is linking migraines with old, silver amalgam fillings. When I discussed the correlation between these mercury-containing fillings and my migraines, my dentist refuted the claim. He said there is no conclusive evidence to support this finding. But I literally am at my wits end and am considering having the old silver fillings removed and replaced with white composite fillings. Do you think this is worth a try?

– Loretta in Texas


The safety of amalgam fillings is and has been quite controversial lately. This is because amalgam fillings contain mercury in them. It is proven that mercury is a toxic substance. That said, the American Dental Association still feels that amalgam fillings are completely safe. Although, since there have been great advances in dental technology and bonding techniques, dentists do have another option. Many dentists no longer place them at all in their practice in support of this mercury-free dentistry movement.

That said, it isn’t common place to have every old silver filling removed. Yet, there are holistic dentists out there that support your philosophy that mercury is a toxic substance and some feel that negative health effects may be correlated. So you need to look for a natural or holistic dentist that shares this sentiment. One way to find this kind of dentist is one that offer sanitary amalgam removal services. You want to make sure that the dentist will take extra precautions to keep you safe throughout the procedure so prohibit you from infesting or breathing in the harmful mercury. It is understandable that you are considering having this done. No one deserves to feel miserable and if there is a chance this could help the frequency of intensity of your migraines, it may be worth it.

Good luck!

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Can silver mercury fillings leak?

I have a friend that takes a naturalistic approach to everything in her life. From her diet and the personal products she uses, to her healthcare, and even dentistry. She was telling me that silver fillings have mercury in them that can leak over time. Is this true? Do I need to have them removed?

– Alyssa in Oregon


The beauty of the day and age that we live in is that we have so many choices when it comes to the food and products we buy, as well as the dental and healthcare providers we use.

Dentists have been using silver amalgam fillings (which do contain mercury) to fill cavities for over a hundred years. With the progression of dental technology and the techniques used, there is another option available to dentists now to fill cavities. Although, it is worth noting that the American Dental Association still takes the stance that amalgam fillings are completely safe. That said, many dentists see the benefits in choosing the mercury-free filling materials.

Here are some reasons that people choose to have amalgam replaced.  Overtime the mercury that is present in these older fillings can be released into your body. This toxic substance can make you ill or have other negative affects on your health. Since mercury is such a dangerous substance many people want to avoid it or have it removed from their mouth. And that is understandable.

Many holistic dentists offer the white composite resin and don’t even do amalgam fillings anymore. Aside from them being mercury-free, there are many benefits to white composite fillings. The bonding technology used to place the white fillings actually makes the tooth stronger and there is less post-operative sensitivity. Not only are they a more holistic choice, but they look nicer too.

So your friend isn’t alone in taking a holistic approach in realizing how dental care is correlated to the overall wellness of a person. There are some other holistic dentists out there that take things a step further, beyond sanitary amalgam removal. Some of these natural dentists that share this sentiment use materials that are BPA-free, bio-compatible, and also will honor Cliffords Sensitivity Testing results.

So you probably don’t need to run out and have all your amalgam fillings replaced immediately, but moving forward it may be something to consider when choosing a filling material. Also, it would be good to know where your dentists lies in the broad spectrum of holistic dentistry methods.

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Looking for a dentist that is holistic.

I try to keep things as natural and holistic as possible. I realize that goes against the grain with Western medicine and dentistry but I believe it best to eat organically, buy natural materials, beauty products, etc. So why would I compromise my belief when it comes to dentistry. I have heard terrible things about mercury-containing fillings. Did you know that they can leak into your body. Anyway, I want to find a dentist that embraces my holistic lifestyle.

– Jade in Tennessee


You are not alone in your holistic dentist preferences. There are thousands of individuals that feel strongly about natural products and materials. And today more than ever, it appears all facets of modern medicine are practiced traditionally and alternatively. Dentistry is no different.

Holistic dentistry is the alternative practice to dentistry that promotes health and wellness, not just treatment of disease. Also coined biological or natural dentistry, this approach focuses on natural healing and believes oral health is connected to their entire physical, emotional, and even spiritual health. Essentially the belief is that dental health and the health of the whole body are interrelated. The basic principles for holistic dental practices are as follows:

  • Proper nutrition for the prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins from dental materials
  • Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (bite problems=physical imbalance)
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease at its biological basis

The treatment you receive in the holistic dentist’s office is different from the typical dentistry you may be used to. Natural dentists have strong opposition to the use of amalgams which contain mercury and other potentially toxic materials in dental fillings and are typically mercury-free dentists. Meaning, not only do they not use them, they will always suggest removing them from your mouth. They believe a root canal treatment poses a danger to systematic health by the spread of trapped dental bacteria through the body. They also tend to use non-surgical approaches to gum disease. They focus strongly on home care, immune system support through proper nutrition and environment.

All holistic dentists complete the same professional training that conventional dentists go to earn their degrees. Many of them may have practiced conventional dentistry at one time or another, before completing additional training in what they find to be a more productive method. Though board certified, they practice alternative methods not traditionally endorsed by their local state dental board.

There are a lot of skeptics and critics of this type of dentistry, and alternative medicine in general. However, to the holistic-minded patient like you, this is just another step on their journey to achieve optimal health the natural way.

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