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Can you get just one porcelain veneer?

I have one tooth that really bothers me.  It’s darker than the other teeth and has some chips on it.  Can I just get one porcelain veneer or do I have to get the whole set?

Tiffany N. – Mississippi


There really isn’t a set number of porcealin veneers. Generally, for a full smile makeover you’ll get somewhere between 6 and 10 veneers, depending on how wide your smile is.  You can get any number. You could get 1 or 21. It’s really up to you…and your budget.

I will warn you, it is very hard to match one veneer to your other front tooth.  It can be done, but you have to get a dentist who has very advanced skills.

I suggest you go to mynewsmile.com and see which cosmetic dentists they recommend for your area.  They only put advanced cosmetic dentists, who have a high level of artistry on their site as recommended dentists, so you’ll be safe with one of those choices.

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