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Will Coffee Be Legal If I Get Invisalign?

I’ve been seriously considering Invisalign. I love the idea of straightening my teeth, especially without people knowing it. I’m a little worried about my coffee habit though. Coffee is a stainer. Will my aligners stain, because that will defeat the purpose of invisible repair?

Jody C. – Canada


Greetings! I love when we get questions from our northern neighbors. Yes, Invisalign aligners do stain, but you can still drink coffee during your treatment.

Three times a day, you take the aligners out for meals. I’d be sure to get in a cup of coffee with each of your meals. What you don’t want to do is drink coffee while you have your aligners in.

The coffee will pool in your aligners. Not only will that be disturbingly unattractive, but it will eat away at your tooth enamel.

So, you can have your teeth straightened and drink coffee, just be sure to time your coffee around the times you can “legally” have out your aligners.

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Can you drink coffee with invisalign?

I’ve been unhappy with my teeth and am thinking about gettine invisalign. My sister said you can’t drink coffee with it, so it wouldn’t work for me. I’m a monster without coffee. Is she right or is she just being a not so know it all again?

Olivia- Montana


You’re sister is right and wrong. You can drink coffee while doing invisalign treatment. You can’t drink coffee while your aligners are in.

The heat will warp the aligners. Plus, the coffee will pool inside the aligners while you’re drinking. The acidity plus the sugar will eat away at your tooth enamel, leaving you susceptible to decay and infection.

Fortunately, you take out your aligners three times a day for meals. That’s the perfect time to drink some coffee.

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