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A Dentist Left a File in My Tooth

I went to a dentist who was doing a filling. Mid-appointment he decided it needed to change the filling to a crown, then decided it needed a root canal. During that procedure (or maybe the crown one, I don’t know) I heard him curse. He broke a file in my mouth. ┬áHe’s decided to leave it there. I’m really frustrated. I’ve heard holsitic dentists will handle things differently. A friend lives in your area and says you are one. How do I find one in my area?

Lupa N. – Delaware


You’ve had a very trying experience. Though I haven’t seen your case for myself, and cannot say for sure, I will say that sometimes decay can be worse than the dentist expected and a procedure has to be changed. And, though it isn’t normal, files do sometimes break.

You’re right that a holistic dentist will often care about the whole body function and not just the tooth. The easiest way to find on eis to do a direct search for a holistic dentist

They’ll work with you to get the file out, if that’s possible to do without causing more harm than good.

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My crown feels tender

It has been over a month since I had a crown placed on the upper right side of my mouth. My tooth never used to bother me but now every time I bite down on that side, it hurts. When I talked to the dentist about it, he said to just give it some time. But now my jawbone and ear feel like they are starting to hurt. Do you think this is related? Any suggestions?

– Renee in Arizona


It could very well be that your bite has not been adjusted like it should after your crown. When you bite or chew, your teeth come together in a certain way. So if your bite is off or is misaligned, it will continually bother you until it is fixed. The jaw pain could be related to the tempro-mandibular joint. The TMJ is the joint where the upper and lower jaw meet. The TMJ operates similarly to a ball and socket and allows your jaw to open and close properly. If your teeth are not coming together properly, the muscles around the TMJ can be aggravated. If left as is, you may be at risk for developing TMJ disorder which can cause extreme pain and headaches is left untreated. Sometimes people don’t even realize the fact that they are grinding their teeth while sleeping which may be contributing to your situation. Other TMJ symptoms are clicking, ringing heard in the ears, and issues with opening and closing the joint.

Feel free to take ibuprofen as needed, up to three times a day to help with the jaw pain. Hot and cold packs alternated may also help with any jaw irritation. This should help with the increased inflammation until you can get into your dentist to get your bite adjusted.

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