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Can a Dentist Help My Allergies and Pain

I’ve had undiagnosable medical issues for years, including serious joint pain and rashes. My doctors kept telling me it was in my head, but then I finally got a doctor to do a patch test on me.  It turns out I have some pretty bad allergies, including most metals. I’m wondering if a dentist can help me get rid of some of the metal I have in my mouth to see if I can  get some relief?

Mandy – Colorado


Hard to understand how a rash can be in your head. Sometimes it’s helpful to remember it’s called a medical “practice”. That means they still figuring things out, even if they’re too proud to say it.

The test you’re likely referring to is a Clifford’s Reactivity Test. It’s still considered controversial, so don’t be surprised if you run up against some opposition.

You’re more likely to get some assistance from a holistic dentist, They’re more open to treating the whole body.  It’s not a specialty, so it has more to do with the mindset of the dentist.

You’ll likely have to call around. Make sure whomever you can talk to is willing to do a sanitary amalgam removal.

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