I Swallowed Mercury From My Filling

I’m really worried. I had three silver fillings. I’d recently learned about the mercury content and tried not to freak out but couldn’t quite make it. I asked my dentist to remove them and switch them out for the white ones. He thought I was overreacting but agreed because they were old. I felt pieces of filling falling on my tongue. They’d get them, but I felt myself swallow one. I asked them to stop and explained what happened and they didn’t seem worried, but they weren’t worried about the filling anyway. Do I need to be concerned?


Dear Kelly,

amalgam and mercury-free fillings

It sounds like your dentist just removed the fillings without taking precautions. There is a specific procedure called a sanitary amalgam removal which allows patients to remove their silver fillings without the danger of swallowing or inhaling any mercury during the removal process.

Because your dentist doesn’t seem all that concerned about the mercury content in silver amalgam fillings as it is, he may not have even known about the proper procedure. If you have any of the fillings left to remove or find yourself in a similar position in the future, make sure you see a holistic dentist for your removal process.

How is a Holistic Dentist Different?

Holistic Dentists are general dentists who have a philosophy of considering the patient’s entire body in the course of treatment. For instance, they would only place mercury-free fillings in a patient’s mouth.

They’d also know the proper procedure to safely remove amalgam fillings as well as have the proper tools required to perform it.

There isn’t anything to counter swallowing mercury nor is there a cure for mercury poisoning. Your best bet is to avoid exposure in the future. The good news is you likely didn’t swallow enough to do any serious damage.

I’m sorry you’ve experienced this.

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