Pediatric dentist wants to use fillings with mercury

I told my pediatric dentist I didn’t want to use the silver fillings because of the mercury content. He insists that children can’t do white fillings. I’m just not interested in mercury fillings at all. Are there any other options?

Emily D. – Nevada


Parents want the best for their children, so I understand your not wanting to put anything containing mercury into your child’s mouth.  It’s not impossible to put white fillings in a child’s mouth, but it is difficult. They have to be still throughout the procedure.

You’ll have to decide if that is possible for your child to do that. There are sedation options if you don’t think so.  If your dentist isn’t willing, you should try a holistic dentist. They don’t place amalgam fillings, so you’ll not have to worry about the mercury. However, make sure they are not just OK treating children, but they enjoy it.

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