My jaw keeps cracking

Since I was little my jaw has always popped and cracked. Now that I’m an adult, it is doing it constantly. Sometimes it feels like my jaw is locking up. It has been recommended that i have my jaw broken to fix it, but that seems a little extreme. Do you have any other suggestion or is that the only course of action?

Caroline from Texas


No, I tend to agree with you and think that is a little too aggressive of a treatment. You have some classic symptoms of TMJ. ┬áThere is a small disc between your lower jawbone and the socket where it fits that slides along with the joint. If it gets out of place, or gets damaged, it can click or pop and sometimes it can interfere with you closing your jaw.I’d recommend that you go see a TMJ dentist. They’ll be able to prescribe a course of action that can repair this problem without breaking your jaw.

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