My dentist is making me wait for aligners–why?

I think my teeth move faster than most peoples because they’re in the new position in just a couple of days.  But my dentist is insisting that I wait two weeks before getting a new aligner. I feel like this is slowing down my treatment. I want to finish as quickly as possible.  What’s the point of making me wait?

Audra T. – Maryland


Believe it or not, your dentist has a very important reason for making you wait the full two weeks.  Most people’s teeth move into the new position very quickly, generally within a few days. The remainder of the time is designed to allow the bone that surrounds your tooth root time to move into position, so it can stabilize your tooth.

If you don’t wait the full two weeks between your Invisalign aligners, the bone won’t have time to adjust to the new position. That will lead to your teeth coming loose and even falling out.

What you felt like was your dentist holding you back, was actually him protecting you from losing your teeth.  Even with  you having to wait the full two weeks between your aligners, Invisalign is still twice as fast as traditional braces.

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