A Dentist Left a File in My Tooth

I went to a dentist who was doing a filling. Mid-appointment he decided it needed to change the filling to a crown, then decided it needed a root canal. During that procedure (or maybe the crown one, I don’t know) I heard him curse. He broke a file in my mouth.  He’s decided to leave it there. I’m really frustrated. I’ve heard holsitic dentists will handle things differently. A friend lives in your area and says you are one. How do I find one in my area?

Lupa N. – Delaware


You’ve had a very trying experience. Though I haven’t seen your case for myself, and cannot say for sure, I will say that sometimes decay can be worse than the dentist expected and a procedure has to be changed. And, though it isn’t normal, files do sometimes break.

You’re right that a holistic dentist will often care about the whole body function and not just the tooth. The easiest way to find on eis to do a direct search for a holistic dentist

They’ll work with you to get the file out, if that’s possible to do without causing more harm than good.

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