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Can my dentist do porcelain veneers?

My dentist is great, but he’s more of a family dentist. He has done teeth whitening, which ended up being great, so he does know some cosmetic procedures. However, I’m wondering if porcelain veneers are different. They’re very expensive, so I want to make sure I go to the right dentist for this procedure. It seems a little more specialized to me than teeth whitening.

Joanna K.- Delaware


Your gut serves you well. While there isn’t a recognized specialty in cosmetic dentistry, it does require some specialized training. While any dentist can pull off the teeth whitening procedure, you’ll want your dentist to have significant post-graduate training when it comes to porcelain veneers.

Training isn’t all your dentist will need. On top of the technical skill required for such an advanced procedure, you’ll want him or her to be artistic as well. Porcelain veneers are an art form.

If I were in your position, I would want the best possible cosmetic dentist to do my smile. One way to locate a skilled dentist is to go to the website. They screen cosmetic dentists and only recommend the most skilled and artistic. You can search by state to see who is available. It’s worth it to drive to a nearby city or state if necessary in order to get the best smile possible.

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I feel like I’ve been given horse teeth

I got a smile makeover. I was kind of happy with it, but recently I’ve been feeling like I have horse teeth. I feel like I’m “tripping” over my own mouth. Is it possible to have my teeth trimmed or is that a stupid question?

Amanda G. – San Diego, CA


Yes, porcelain veneers can be trimmed. It is more of an advanced type of procedure–much more advanced then the porcelain veneers themselves.

Have you spoken to your dentist about your disappointment with the results? I don’t know a cosmetic dentist worth their salt, who would be satisfied if their patient wasn’t absolutely and totally thrilled with their new smile.

If you’re worried about whether or not your dentist can do such an advanced procedure, it is perfectly acceptable to have someone else do the trimming.

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Should porcelain veneers fall off?

I have always been embarassed by my smile. Recently my dentist has been studying about porcelain veneers. She offered to do some for me for half price of what they normally are. I was excited about the possibility of getting a pretty smile for the first time in my life.  I spent all of my savings to have this done. I will admit that my smile is prettier. I was just wondering if porcelain veneers should fall off so much? Mine has had at least one veneer fall off a week, for the last three weeks.

Harry P. – South Carolina


I’m glad you are excited about your smile. I’m also glad you were pleased with your results. I’m trying to give your dentist the benefit of the doubt, because there is really NO reason for your porcelain veneers to fall off.

I know your dentist is just learning and it is great you knew that ahead of time. You are lucky that your dentist did a decent job on the veneers themselves. Some people end up with a smile worse than what they had and end up quite depressed.

I’m hoping your dentist has just been using a temporary paste and that is why they keep falling off. If she’s using the actual bonding, then she really needs to go back and learn the bonding procedure.

If you’re comfortable asking her what type of bonding she’s doing, then it is in both your benefits.

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Disappointed in my porcelain veneers

I recently saved up thousands of dollars to get porcelain veneers and I’m quite disappointed. In fact, I’ve made my dentist angry by telling him I don’t want them permanently bonded on and I’ll have to make a decision.  We discussed what I wanted out of the veneers at the first appointment, but that is not what they looked like.  When I tried them on I hated them. He told me they were beautiful and I just needed some time, but I disagree. What do you think I should do?

Tamela R. – New Jersey


You’ve had the unpleasant experience of having your work done by a dentist who has neither and expertise or any artistry in the cosmetic side of things. Because cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty, any general dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist if they know HOW to do a couple of procedures. That doesn’t mean they’re any good at them.

To make beautiful porcelain veneers takes a significant amount of post graduate training and experience. Plus, you really need an artistic eye. Anyone with any level of expertise in the field will tell you the dentist isn’t the one who tells if the end result is beautiful, the patient is.

If you’re unhappy with these porcelain veneers, tell him you won’t be taking them. You’ll need to find another cosmetic dentist. I know there are several great ones in New Jersey. I don’t know what area of the state you reside, so I suggest you go to the website. They list all the best cosmetic dentists in each state. Anyone you find on that list will do a beautiful job for you.

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Is my daughter too young for porcelain veneers?

My 16 year old daughter hates her teeth. Mainly just the ones in front, but she literally hides from the camera. They are yellow and kind of crooked. One is also longer than the other. To a 16 year old, this is torture! She has heard of porcelain veneers and is willing to help pay for them. All of her permanent teeth are in properly. Do you think she is too young for porcelain veneers?

– Sandra in Florida


Porcelain veneers are beautiful when they are done by a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. And there is not any kind of age requirement for having this kind of work done. That said, you need to be aware that there is a higher risk for a 16 year old. This is because the jaw hasn’t completely matured so they could end up needing to be replaced sooner than normal. For example, if your daughter hits a growth spurt, it may be as soon as a few years from now that they will need to be replaced.

As we get older, our bones and gums develop. This means that the edge of the veneers may become exposed and they may not look as beautiful. So to answer your question, it’s not an issue if your 16 year old daughter is old enough, it really is a case by case basis. It also depends on her overall dental health whether of not she is a candidate. It would be wise to consult with an expert cosmetic dentist. This will come down to her personal choice and yours since she is still considered a minor, but an expert cosmetic dentist should give you an honest assessment.

Good luck! We all know how sensitive teenagers are at that age.

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Will my porcelain veneers turn yellow?

One of the main reasons I decided to get porcelain veneers was to cover up my ugly, yellow teeth. I now realize I should have asked more about this before getting them put on, but I was wondering if they will turn yellow as time goes by? If so, how long until they start discolor?

– Sheila in Tennessee


That is a common question about porcelain veneers. No, porcelain veneers will not turn yellow. That said, the veneers are applied directly onto your natural tooth. So it is possible that the underlying tooth may pick up stains as time goes by. When the discoloration occurs underneath the veneers, the porcelain veneers may take on a slightly discolored appearance. So if you are susceptible to staining on your teeth, it would probably be a good idea to avoid coffee, teas, berries, etc. that aide in staining teeth. Also, avoid smoking not only for your teeth but for your overall health.

If your dentist didn’t already inform you, it is also important to stay away from teeth whitening or tarter control toothpastes. This may seem strange as you are trying to keep your teeth white, but there are highly abrasive whitening agents in those kinds of toothpastes which can have negative affects on the porcelain veneers. What happens is that the glaze breaks down from these whitening agents which lessens the ability of the veneers to hold up to stains.

A helpful habit to keep your smile looking it’s best would be to rinse your mouth out after drinking or eating those stain producing items.

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I want better porcelain veneers than my sister! Any advice?

My sister and I have always had an intense rivalry. Everything turned into a competition whether it was a new outfit, house, car, or even who had the best job. Somehow she found out about my plan to save up for porcelain veneers and what do you know, she went ahead and got them herself before me. Maybe she shouldn’t have been in such a rush though, because she isn’t happy with them. They look fake! It’s kind of hard to put a finger on it but they don’t really even resemble a natural-looking color. It’s made me start second-guessing if I really want them or not. The other day she told me one of them popped off already. I don’t know if it is something she did or if the fault lies with the dentist that placed them because I thought they were supposed to last much longer than that. Any advice? I have been saving up for far too long to blow it on ugly veneers.

– Sharon in Arizona


The good news is that you may have the last laugh in this situation. Based on the problems you have described about your sister’s porcelain veneers, it sounds like the dentist may have been in over his or her head. This happens too often because cosmetic dentistry is not a regulated area within the field of dentistry. So pretty much any dentist can claim to do porcelain veneers and call themselves a cosmetic dentist. But just calling yourself a cosmetic dentist isn’t going to cut it since beautiful cosmetic dentistry requires an artistic eye and a lot of training beyond dental school.

So be sure that you do your homework and find an excellent cosmetic dentist. Most dentists that do beautiful porcelain veneers are perfectionists. They will not be satisfied until you absolutely fall in love with your new smile. In fact, they consider their work a failure unless you love them. So ask the dentist about similar cases to yours and ask to see many before and after shots. Also, ask them if they offer a beautiful smile guarantee with their porcelain veneers. If so, then you are on the right track.

As far as the color looking unnatural, it sounds like your sister’s dentist didn’t get the translucency right. Our natural teeth absorb and reflect light, so if this technique is not perfected with a smile makeover, something will just look “off” about the final product. An expert cosmetic dentist will not only match the color perfectly, but the opacity of the tooth should look exactly like the teeth that surround them.

You are also correct in that porcelain veneers should not fall off. This could be due to the sub-standard skill of the dentist or may have happened during the ceramic work from the laboratory. Most porcelain veneers (if they are applied by a true cosmetic dentist) will last for ten years or longer.

So find the right dentist and you will be able to keep smiling at your sister long after her last veneer has fallen off.

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Do you know if porcelain veneers can be trimmed?

A couple of months ago I had porcelain veneers placed on my upper canines. I thought I liked them at first because they look pretty good. But as time as passed, I feel like they are larger and longer than they should be. They are not only uncomfortable, I know feel like they look funny. Do you know if they can be trimmed to be shorter? Or do you think my only option is to have them replaced?

– Jeremy in Florida


Porcelain veneers can be trimmed. They can be made to be smaller but it is more difficult and takes a higher skill level to make them longer. This kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment needs to be done by an excellent cosmetic dentist. It is interesting that it was the two canines that you elected to have veneers placed on. Often times if an individual gets porcelain veneers, it is on the front teeth as well. So without knowing your particular situation, it is kind of a question mark as to whether or not your original dentist would be good to go back to. This is mainly due to the fact that less than two percent of dentists actually do beautiful cosmetic dentistry. And since you were unhappy the first time around, it may be worth your while to obtain a second opinion from another cosmetic dentist.

It is difficult for the patient to know any better when a dentist tells them that they can do porcelain veneers. But a general or family dentists may say they do veneers, but their artistic ability simply may not not there. So make sure you select your dentist carefully and move forward with one that you can trust. Ask to see their portfolio of work, for example ask for specific photographs of the canines. You will be able to see what they have done and ask them why they created them a certain way. You should not compromise when it comes to your smile.

Good luck to you.

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Will Lumineers make my teeth longer in appearance?

I have a question about the appearance of my teeth. I have been told that my teeth are pretty straight and have just discolored a bit as I’ve gotten older. My cosmetic dentist that I am consulting with recommended I try Lumineers because I want my teeth to look larger and whiter. I have moved forward with the process and the impressions have been sent over to the laboratory. The lab person told my dentist that the color could be corrected but they couldn’t do anything about my desire to make them look longer. The brochure states otherwise and my dentist is supposed to be following up. From the marketing of the company it sure looks like they can be longer and bigger? Any advice? After my frustrations, the dentist is now telling me that he may want to bond the teeth instead of Lumineers. Does this sound normal?

– Danielle in Florida


You should proceed with caution. From the sounds of it, it is a strong possibility that your cosmetic dentist may not be experienced or artistically inclined in the aesthetics that are required to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry work.

It sure sounds like the laboratory is telling your dentist what should happen, when the dentist truly is the one that should be directed the lab. It is absolutely the dentist’s responsibility to provide instructions as to the exact size, shape, and appearance of porcelain veneers.  It may be in your best interest to seek a second opinion from an experienced cosmetic dentist.

Lumineers are simply a particular brand of porcelain veneers. And a true cosmetic dentist will be able to create beauty and recommend the right brand for your specific case. That said, it is difficult to make any other specific recommendations based on the little information you have provided. But as far as moving forward with Lumineers or even the dental bonding that your current dentist is considering, you need to seek another opinion before committing to anything further. Cosmetic dentistry can be very expensive and you deserve to have a smile that you will absolutely fall in love with.

The good news is that you haven’t proceeded to far into the smile design process as of yet. Good luck to you!

Remember, not just any dentist can do this kind of highly artistic work well, even if they tell you otherwise. Ask for references and a portfolio of similar cases.

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Discoloration on my porcelain veneers

I decided to improve the appearance of my smile with four porcelain veneers on my top teeth. I have had them for many years now, but I noticed that I am getting a little gray staining on the edge of one of them. I think it may be a result of a cleaning I had at the dentist. I have no idea if it was really from the cleaning or if that is when I coincidentally happened to notice it. I feel like the cosmetic dentist that I have been seeing is reputable and the staff should be trained to care for patients with cosmetic dentistry treatments. Do you know if there is a way that I can clean the edge to remove the staining?

– Paul in Pennsylvania


It is always quite difficult to make specific recommendations without having seen your case in person, or to have not seen photographs. You also failed to mention how many years you have had the veneers on your upper teeth.

Generally speaking, porcelain veneers have a solid reputation for being highly stain resistant. In fact, porcelain as a restoration material is actually more stain-resistant than your natural tooth enamel. The color should remain relatively consistent. So when an individual does see some staining, it is usually from a couple factors. First, the porcelain veneer’s surface may have been damaged. This means that the glaze that seals the veneer may have broken down which could have taken place from the use of polishing equipment or acidic cleaning agents. Another possibility is that something is showing through underneath the porcelain veneer.

Since you didn’t specify, let us make the assumption that the veneers are over 10 years old, even up to 15-20 years old. Also, let’s assume that the staining you are referring to begins at the edge of the veneer for approximately one millimeter. For this assumption, let’s state the the staining is only taking place on the very edge of the porcelain veneer. So if all of these assumptions are true, then leakage is likely the culprit of your staining. Therefore, the seal has broken and tiny particles are becoming lodged between your natural tooth and the veneer itself. The proper terminology is microleakage. It is important to meet with your cosmetic dentist to have this evaluated. Microleakage that is left unattended has the potential to form tooth decay.

If you are dealing with microleakage, than polishing will not take care of the problem. The best course of action would be fore the porcelain veneer to be replaced.

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