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Was I misinformed? I thought porcelain veneers could reshape teeth.

I’m  a little disappointed and confused. I was told that porcelain veneers could completely reshape my smile. I have teeth that are worn. I wanted longer, fuller, more youthful teeth. The color that my dentist gave me is great. I am happy with that. But, my teeth are the same size that they were before. That’s really disappointing. I pointed out to my dentist that I expected them to be longer, but he said they’re beautiful and I should be satisfied with them as is. He also said, it’s not possible to make them longer. Was I misinformed about the procedure?

Vanessa – Louisiana


I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with your porcelain veneers. You’re right. They are able to reshape your smile.  You should have been able to get a quite youthful smile.  I’m glad you don’t have to content yourself with just half of what you hoped for. And your dentist is wrong, it is possible to make your teeth longer with porcelain veneers.

It sounds to me that you went to your family dentist, who may be a good family dentist, but isn’t a great cosmetic dentist. He doesn’t have the training or experience to understand the aesthetics that go into a gorgeous smile.

I’d suggest getting a second opinion for an expert cosmetic dentist.  I know it’s hard for a patient to determine who’s an expert and who’s not.  If you’ll go to the website. They recommend expert cosmetic dentists in each state. You’ll be safe with anyone on their site.

Go to that dentist and see if he can help you get at least part of your money back.  To get the smile you want, the procelain veneers will have to be redone.

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What if I want composite veneers instead of porcelain?

I’ve been pricing some smile makeovers, but  it seems like more dentists prefer porcelain veneers to the more reasonably priced compoiste veneers. Can I still get the composite?

Chloe S. – Mississippi


You can likely get the composite veneers, but you may not want them. There’s a huge difference in their between the quality of the two, which is the reason more dentists prefer porcelain over composite.

Porcelain is more durable and has a more natural translucency than composite.  You’ll likely replace composite a few times before you’d have to replace the porcelain.

They’re not just trying to give you the more expensive treatment. They prefer the superior one. In circumstances where composite would be a better fit, they’re ethically bound to tell you.

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Options for congenitally missing teeth in teens

My 16 year old has a congenitally missing tooth. I wanted to get her a dental implant, but the dentist insists she’s too young. The problem is this tooth is visible and is embarassing to her. Are there options?

Rosie B. – Denver


First, I’m going to say that I agree with your dentist. Your daughter is too young for a dental implant. Her jaw is still growing and the procedure will end up failing.

That being said. I would suggest you get her a porcelain veneer for the smaller baby tooth. It can “build up” material around the tooth and make it the same shape, size, and appearance as her other teeth.

This will at least temporarily take care of the problem while you wait for her jaw to fully develop.

One word of caution. Make sure you go to a highly experienced, artistic cosmetic dentist if you want to veneer to look good.

I recommend going on and seeing which cosmetic dentists they recommend in the Denver area.

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Why do my veneers look bulky

I got the lumineers veneers. I think the color and shape are fine, but they seem bulky.  Is that normal?

Beth Q. – California


Normal for other brands of porcelain veneers, no. Normal for Lumineers, unfortunately all too often.  This brand of porcelain veneers is often marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as easy to place because there is no prep needed.

Unfortunately, that isn’t true with many of the cases that are presented. For quite a few patients, some form of tooth prep is necessary. Without it, the teeth will look bulky.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about that if they’ve already been permanently bonded on. You can see if your dentist is willing to give you a refund, but they’re hard to get unless there is something that makes your bite unable to function properly.

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Can you get just one porcelain veneer?

I have one tooth that really bothers me.  It’s darker than the other teeth and has some chips on it.  Can I just get one porcelain veneer or do I have to get the whole set?

Tiffany N. – Mississippi


There really isn’t a set number of porcealin veneers. Generally, for a full smile makeover you’ll get somewhere between 6 and 10 veneers, depending on how wide your smile is.  You can get any number. You could get 1 or 21. It’s really up to you…and your budget.

I will warn you, it is very hard to match one veneer to your other front tooth.  It can be done, but you have to get a dentist who has very advanced skills.

I suggest you go to and see which cosmetic dentists they recommend for your area.  They only put advanced cosmetic dentists, who have a high level of artistry on their site as recommended dentists, so you’ll be safe with one of those choices.

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My veneers aren’t as white as I expected

I was a little surprised, when I got my smile makeover, that my porcelain veneers weren’t nearly as white as I expected. The only reason is surprised me is that I went over with my dentist very clearly what I was  wanting out of the makeover. I’m very pleased with the shape of the porcelain veneers. It’s the color that bothers me.  He said that they needed to look natural. But, let’s be honest, if I wanted a natural smile I would have left my teeth as they were. Can I whiten the  color?

Brooke W. – New Jersey


It would be extraordinarily frustrating to spend all that money on a smile makeover and not come away with what you were dreaming about.

Unfortunately, there is no way to whiten porcelain veneers that have already been made.  The only way to get whiter veneers is to have your dentist re-do them.  Given that you spoke with him ahead of time about what you wanted, I think he should re-do them without charge.

I suspect your dentist isn’t a highly experienced cosmetic dentist, but rather a decent family dentist who also does cosmetic work.  In dental school we’re taught that the dentist knows best.  But when you study advanced cosmetic dentistry, you know that the most important thing is who the patient feels about their smile.  If you want a bright white smile, you get a bright white smile. You don’t darken the veneers.

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I want to beat the gals with our smile makeovers

My group of gals does something interesting together every year.  Last year we all went to Venice. This year, we’re all getting smile makeovers. I want to get the best one of the group. Is there a certain kind of porcelain veneer that is better than another?

Elizabeth H. – Arkansas


What you’ll actually want to ask about is not the brand of porcelain veneer.  In fact, your best bet is to get the best cosmetic dentist you can. They’ll know all the subtle differences in all the different veneers.

The main thing I want you to take from this is you can have two cosmetic dentists make the same smile with the same brand of porcelain veneers and you’d end up with two completely different levels of beauty and brilliance. One smile might end up looking opaque. The other might look like it belongs on the mouth of a celebrity.  All of it has to do with the artistic skill of your dentist.

I suggest you  go to the website.  They recommend the top cosmetic dentists in each state. Anyone they recommend will be both highly skilled and artistic.  They can give you a gorgeous smile, very likely much more gorgeous than your gal pals.

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Porcelain veneers ruined by my dental cleaning?

I had my porcelain veneers done by a cosmetic dentist. However, when it was time for a cleaning, I went to  my normal family dentist. They cleaned the veneers with some kind of salt water spray to get all the build up off. I think it did something to my veneers because ever since then they’ve been picking up stains.  Could the cleaning have messed them up?

Sandra W. – Maumelle, AR


It sounds to me like your hygienist used a prophy jet to clean your veneers. They would certainly damage your porcelain veneers. The prophy jet took the glaze right off your veneers. They’ll continue to pick up stains.

As your dentist caused this, I think they should be the ones to pay for the repair.  To get them to do that, you’ll likely need to get a second opinion to “prove” it was their fault. Don’t use any cosmetic dentist, because repairing this without completely redoing the veneers is a very advanced procedure. Not many cosmetic dentists can do it.

I’ll suggest you go to one of the dentists listed on the site for your state.  You may not find one in Maumelle, but I know there is at least one in Little Rock listed.  That will give you a better chance of getting this done right.

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Why don’t my veneers match?

I had gotten some porcelain veneers just on my front four teeth, then decided my smile was so wide that I needed to get six more. I did three on each side.  I’m a little disappointed in them because they don’t match.  My dentist said back teeth are supposed to be darker, but it doesn’t seem natural looking to me.  Is he right?

Nerry G. – Chicago


He is only partially right and I’ll explain why in a moment. Before that, I want to say, it wouldn’t matter if he was right.  Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic procedure there to give you the smile you want. If you’re not thrilled with the look of your smile, the results are a failure.

Your canine tooth is generally a half shade darker at the gumline, but only at the gumline. It doesn’t draw your attention. The next teeth, the premolars, should be the same color as your incisors, so only the canine has any real difference.

There is nothing wrong with asking your dentist to redo these. You’re paying for a certain smile.  To be honest, if you had a wide smile, he should have suggested more veneers to begin with. Make sure he lets you try the next set on before bonding them, so you can make a decision.

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Can my dentist do porcelain veneers?

My dentist is great, but he’s more of a family dentist. He has done teeth whitening, which ended up being great, so he does know some cosmetic procedures. However, I’m wondering if porcelain veneers are different. They’re very expensive, so I want to make sure I go to the right dentist for this procedure. It seems a little more specialized to me than teeth whitening.

Joanna K.- Delaware


Your gut serves you well. While there isn’t a recognized specialty in cosmetic dentistry, it does require some specialized training. While any dentist can pull off the teeth whitening procedure, you’ll want your dentist to have significant post-graduate training when it comes to porcelain veneers.

Training isn’t all your dentist will need. On top of the technical skill required for such an advanced procedure, you’ll want him or her to be artistic as well. Porcelain veneers are an art form.

If I were in your position, I would want the best possible cosmetic dentist to do my smile. One way to locate a skilled dentist is to go to the website. They screen cosmetic dentists and only recommend the most skilled and artistic. You can search by state to see who is available. It’s worth it to drive to a nearby city or state if necessary in order to get the best smile possible.

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