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Invisalign for missing teeth?

I have always had crooked teeth and my parents never could afford braces. To complicate things, I actually have two bicuspids of which one of them was recently pulled because it was bothering me. My guess is that since these are still baby teeth that the other will have to come out too. I also had a back molar extracted.

What I’m trying to find out is if these missing teeth will still allow me to be a candidate for Invisalign. I really do not want to get ugly metal braces as an adult. My dentist was also recommending I replace these teeth with dental implants.

One last thing is that I also have an underbite. So I don’t have much space between my top and bottom teeth. Maybe the top ones can be moved to make more room. Does all that make sense?

– Ruth in West Virginia


Missing teeth does not automatically disqualify you from being an Invisalign candidate. But there are some other factors that may affect things. You  mentioned that you have an underbite which may actually be a bigger obstacle in straightening your teeth. Another issue where Invisalign is not recommended is if an individual has severe crowding.

That said, every dentist has their own opinion of how effectively Invisalign will straighten teeth. If you meet with an orthodontist, you will likely experience that they are more conservative. This is because their comfort level is geared toward brackets to straighten teeth. Most general dentists will be more willing to try Invisalign for a variety of cases. Another thing worth mentioning is that every Invisalign case is also monitored by an Invisalign staff orthodontist. This means if your case is approved by Invisalign, then it is generally safe.

It may be in your best interest to meet with a couple of dentists to see what their opinion is of your specific case. It is difficult to make any recommendations without having seen your teeth.

As far as your question about replacing the lower teeth, that would likely not be required for Invisalign to close the gaps in your lower teeth. That said, you still need to seek the advice of a dentist that can evaluate your case in person.

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Replacing rotting teeth

four of my front teeth are rotting and need to be replaced. i’m missing half of three of them and just a small amount of the forth. do i need dental crowns or veneers?

Benjamin O. from Wisconsin


Because of the amount of tooth structure that is damaged, I would go with porcelain crowns. They’ll cover your entire tooth, while porcelain veneers really only cover the front of your teeth. Plus your teeth would need to be intact and healthy. It is strictly a cosmetic procedure. With crowns you can take care of the unhealthy teeth while improving the cosmetics of your smile.

Look for a dentist who has some cosmetic expertise, especially because we’re talking about your front teeth. You’ll want to make sure the dentist uses all-porcelain crowns. Don’t let anyone try to talk you into porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. You’ll end up with a dark line at your gumline that will be very unsightly.

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