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Options For A Tooth Gap

I have quite a large tooth gap. My dentist said it’s about 9mm. I want to fix it. He’s suggesting lumineers. I wondered if there are any other options, because it’s just the gap that bothers me and he wants to do like six different lumineers. That’s pretty expensive. But, I’m too old to have a mouth full of metal braces.

Guadelupe – Florida


Whatever you do, don’t get lumineers to fix this tooth gap. The size of the gap you mentioned is large enough to fit an entire other tooth. That would look really weird. An expert cosmetic dentist could possibly pull it off, but based on what you’ve said, your dentist is not an expert cosmetic dentist.

A tooth gap can be fixed with porcelain veneers, but generally it would need to be a smaller gap. There is a better option, that is much more affordable. Close the gap.

You don’t have to use traditional braces to do it. Invisalign uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. It can close your gap, in half the time of braces and much more comfortably.

I’ll be honest, your dentist should have told you about all your options. In fact, he’s ethically bound to do so. I’m a little concerned he chose not to all while only telling you about a very expensive treatment, that wouldn’t even work well.

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Will invisalign work if I am missing teeth?

If I’m missing two teeth, will that mean I can’t have invisalign? I don’t want braces, especially at my age. Will I need to replace the teeth first?

Sonya M. – Michigan


It’s not likely the missing teeth will be a problem with Invisalign. But that depends on a couple of things.

First, which teeth are missing

Second, how many are missing.

It’s possible you won’t even have to replace them, depending on which teeth they are.

The key will be to see a few general dentists who place invisalign. Orthodontists, tend to lead toward wires and brackets, which is where their training is.

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Blind Date Insulted My Teeth

I had a blind date on Valentine’s Day.  I know. Pathetic.  But, sometimes we do stupid things. I wanted to leave within the first few minutes, when he told me I’d be pretty if it weren’t for my crooked teeth. The most depressing part of that is he’s right.  So, is there anything I can do about my teeth without becoming an adult version of a twelve year old with a mouth full of metal?

Miranda H. – Nebraska


May I just say you are fortunate to have only had to spend one evening with such a loser?

That being said, there is some other good news for you. There are some fantastic advancements in orthodontics since your middle school days.

Invisalign is an awesome solution. It uses clear aligners, that not even your jerk date could have seen. They’re quite comfortable and work in about half the time as traditional braces.

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Can a dentist give you fake invisalign?

Me and my best friend both got invisalign. Hers look great. Mine look yellow. Did my dentist give me fake ones?

Alicia L. – Destin, FL


Sometimes Invisalign aligners can get yellow if they’re being scratched. The scratches allow the aligners to pick up stains.  Your toothbrush is a safe cleaning tool, but make sure you’re not using a abrasive toothpaste.

There are off brands of Invisalign. But, if you have one it is easy to figure out. invisalign stamps their name on the trays. Take a look at the biting surface of the tray and you should easily see their trademarked name as well as a handful of numbers and letters that indicate your patient ID number, whether the aligner is for your top or bottom teeth and other information.

Talk to your dentist about what’s going on. He or she can help you out.

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Boss wants me to get porcelain veneers

My boss approached me today and said he’d like me to get porcelain veneers. He wasn’t being rude. There’s a public relations position coming up (in about 7 months) in our company that he’d really like to promote me to, but it requires being in front of TV cameras.  I really do have a crooked and stained smile. I’m excited about the promotion, but I priced porcelain veneers and I am not even close to having enough money. Are there other options? I want this job.

Genevieve B. – North Carolina


Yes, porcelain veneers are pretty pricey. There is an option for you.  Invisalign will allow you to straighten your teeth without the unslightly (and uncomfortable) wires and brackets of braces. It can also do it in about half the time, so depending on the severity of your case, you could be completely done by then.  Even if it’s not complete, your teeth will look much nicer.

I know you mentioned that your teeth were also stained. There is a way to whiten your teeth simultaneously. Your dentist can give you professional teeth whitening gel and you can use your invisalign aligners as whitening trays.

You’ll find both these treatments together to be less money than porcelain veneers. In a very short time, you’ll be ready for that great new promotion.  Let your boss know your plans and you’ll be good to go.

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Daughter hates her braces

My teenaged daughter hates her braces. She says they hurt. I looked at them, and the metal is cutting into her lip pretty badly.  Is it too late to switch to  invisalign?

Lisa A. – New Mexico


I have good news for you. If your daughter is a good candidate for Invisalign, then there is no reason why she couldn’t swtich.

You’ll want to ask yourself how responsible your daughter is before you make a decision. With braces, they’re stuck on your teeth day and night until your dentist takes them off. Invisalignt is patient compliant.  It will be up to your daughter to keep them in. She’ll be allowed to remove them for meals, but other than that, your daughter will really need to keep them in or the treatment will be ineffective.

You might consider invisalign teen.  They include a few extra aligners in the package in case your daughter looses one or two.

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Chewed Gum with Invisalign

I have invisalign. I really like the treatment. In fact, sometimes I forget I’m wearing the aligners. This morning was like that. I accidentally popped a piece of gum in my mouth. Now it’s stuck to the aligners and I can’t get it off. I’m too embarrassed to go to my dentist.  Any advice?

Sara N. – Delaware


Invisalign has a high patient satisfaction rate, so I’m not surprised you like them. You are not the first person to do this, so don’t be embarrassed. You will not be the first patient your doctor has seen to get gum stuck on their aligners.  Here are some things you can try.  One is likely to work.

First, try peanut butter. Rub peanut butter all over the gum. Let it sit there at least twenty minutes.  Then try brushing it.  The oil in the peanut butter should loosen things up enabling the gum to be brushed off.

If that fails, try freezing the gum in increments  If both of these fail, you may have to bite the bullet and see your dentist. Worse case scenario, your dentist can make you a new set of aligners.

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Wine with invisalign

I need a glass of wine or two to relax during the day. Is it ok to do that once I start invisalign?

Victoria F. – Hot Springs, AR


The answer to that question depends on when you want to have the wine. If you want to have the wine while your eating your meals, that will be fine.

If, however, you’re wanting to drink wine while the Invisalign aligners are in, I wouldn’t recommend that.  The wine will get into the aligners, which will cause tooth decay from the acidic nature of the alcohol.

You get three meals a day, so that will give you at least three glasses of wine.

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Can you drink coffee with invisalign?

I’ve been unhappy with my teeth and am thinking about gettine invisalign. My sister said you can’t drink coffee with it, so it wouldn’t work for me. I’m a monster without coffee. Is she right or is she just being a not so know it all again?

Olivia- Montana


You’re sister is right and wrong. You can drink coffee while doing invisalign treatment. You can’t drink coffee while your aligners are in.

The heat will warp the aligners. Plus, the coffee will pool inside the aligners while you’re drinking. The acidity plus the sugar will eat away at your tooth enamel, leaving you susceptible to decay and infection.

Fortunately, you take out your aligners three times a day for meals. That’s the perfect time to drink some coffee.

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My dentist is making me wait for aligners–why?

I think my teeth move faster than most peoples because they’re in the new position in just a couple of days.  But my dentist is insisting that I wait two weeks before getting a new aligner. I feel like this is slowing down my treatment. I want to finish as quickly as possible.  What’s the point of making me wait?

Audra T. – Maryland


Believe it or not, your dentist has a very important reason for making you wait the full two weeks.  Most people’s teeth move into the new position very quickly, generally within a few days. The remainder of the time is designed to allow the bone that surrounds your tooth root time to move into position, so it can stabilize your tooth.

If you don’t wait the full two weeks between your Invisalign aligners, the bone won’t have time to adjust to the new position. That will lead to your teeth coming loose and even falling out.

What you felt like was your dentist holding you back, was actually him protecting you from losing your teeth.  Even with  you having to wait the full two weeks between your aligners, Invisalign is still twice as fast as traditional braces.

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