Can not going to the dentist make you sick?

I’ve never really had any severe dental problems and haven’t been to the dentist in about ten years.  I haven’t felt well for the last year.  My medical doctor has run every kind of test known to man (or at least known to him).  He’s found nothing.  I was talking to my sister about how frustrated and disillusioned this process has made me.  She told me that my problem could be dental.  Even if I had been feeling any tooth aches, which I haven’t, how would that affect how my body feels in general?

Paula D. – Orlando, FL


You’ve been going through a difficult time. I’m sorry.  Anyone who has had a prolonged medical problem understands the helplessness that comes with that.  Your sister was right.  The state of your oral health can affect your entire body.

Your general feeling of slugishness or achiness could well come from needed dental care. Your immune system could be weakened as well.   It doesn’t have to be something obvious. It could be the beginning of gingivitis or a build up of plaque.

I would see a holistic dentist.  They lean toward treating your whole body, not just your teeth.  You’ll find you’ll have a much more open mind with a dentist that sees the coorelation between dental care and total body health.

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