Are there holistic cosmetic dentists?

I have a long shot kind of question. I’m one of those people that tends to not only wants to have her cake and eat it too, but I’d like some bling on the side.  I tend to favor holistic dentists, because I’m pretty careful what kind of substances I put in my body.  However, I want to have a smile makeover too.  All the holistic dentists I’ve seen so far are just your average family dentist who doesn’t do much cosmetic work.  Are there holistic cosmetic dentists?

Olivia W. – Minn.


There’s nothing wrong with cake and bling.  To answer you question, yes, there are holistic dentists that do cosmetic dentistry.  You’ll need to be aware that any general dentist can technically call themselves a cosmetic dentist, because there is no recognized specialty in cosmetic dentistry.

You want to make sure whomever you choose has some extensive training in cosmetic procedures. Otherwise, your bling won’t look nearly as good as you’d hope.

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