Is There a Dentist Who Cares About Thyroid Issues?

My dentist always seems to blow off any concerns I have about my health. First, he was frustrated that I didn’t want a silver filling because of the mercury content. Now he’s upset because I’m asking about lithium-free dental crowns, but I have thyroid problems and lithium has a negative impact on thyroid function. Eventually, he always gives in, but I feel like I have to fight for everything with this dentist. Is there a dentist who’ll care about my health, including my thyroid?

Laura G.

Dear Laura,

Boston Holistic Dentist

There are several different types of tooth-colored materials which dentists can choose from, only one of them contains any ingredients which are lithium disilicate-based. A dentist shouldn’t have any trouble steering away from one type. I don’t know if this will give you any peace of mind or not, but my understanding is this is a different type of lithium than what is used in the treatment for bipolar disorder, which has been shown to cause hypothyroidism.

Either way, you need a dentist who’s willing to listen to your concerns. In your place, I’d look for a holistic dentist. Some people call them natural dentists. Their philosophy is to treat your whole body and not just your teeth. They’ll be much more willing to take into consideration your concerns with mercury and your thyroid.

All of them are mercury-free dentists. Many are also BPA-free. They are also good at working to find materials that work for your body. For instance, some patients have metal sensitivities. That means they’d ask to use zirconia instead of titanium for their dental implants.

I’d do a simple internet search and see which holistic dentists are listed for your area. If you don’t have any, try instead for a list of mercury-free dentists. Explain your concerns. They should be understanding. If they’re not, just keep going down your list until you find one. I’m sure you will.

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Invisalign for Teeth and Gums?

I have some spaced out teeth which are a bit crooked. I think Invisalign will help those, but I also have uneven gums. Would Invisalign help them as well?


Dear Dana,

A woman placing her Invisalign aligners onto her teeth

You’re likely looking at two procedures. Both are easy. Invisalign will certainly straighten your teeth. Plus, it’s comfortable, invisible, and has many benefits over traditional braces. The one thing it can’t do is even out your gums.

I’m assuming you mean they’re different sizes from tooth to tooth. That can certainly derail the beauty of a smile. Dentists want their patients to love their smile and enjoy sharing it with others. A confident smile adds to everyone’s beauty.

There is a simple procedure, called a gingivectomy, your dentist can do to remove the tissue that’s sort of crawling down too low to get some camera time. It’s easy peasy and done inpatient in just one appointment. Your gums will heal up quickly unless you have secondary conditions, such as diabetes, which can slow down healing time.

The key is talking to your dentist about what you’re hoping to accomplish. He or she will know just what procedures will give the results you desire.

Teeth Whitening and Invisalign

As you’re looking to improve your smile, you may want to consider whitening them while getting them straightened. Teeth Whitening trays are typically used to place the whitening gel. They’re customed designed to fit your smile perfectly.

So is Invisalign. Because of that. Those aligners can double as the bleaching trays allowing you to straighten and whiten your smile simultaneously.

It’s like getting a mini-smile makeover. By the time you’re done with these three procedures, all of which are super easy and patient-friendly, your smile will look like a million bucks.

This blog is brought to you Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.