Multiple Dental Treatment Allergies

A series of issues have led to me needing some help. First, I have had a lot of health problems which couldn’t be explained. I finally had some allergy testing done which determined I had multiple metal allergies. Then, after a botched root canal treatment, which also ended with a broken file left in my tooth, I went to see a specialist who was able to retrieve the file but a few days later I developed an infection which landed me in the hospital. In addition to some serious antibiotics, they also recognized I had some chemical allergies. I have a list of eight things I’m allergic too, including titanium, which is supposedly quite rare. Are there dentists who can handle my list of allergies?


Dear Rebekah,

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Holistic Dentists are More Willing to Work with Patient’s Needs

You’ve had it tough. It’s impressive that you’re still trying to persevere with your dental care despite the challenges. That says a lot. You won’t find a dentist who is allergy specific. What you need is a dentist who’s willing to work with you and the limitations you face, including your very rare allergies, like titanium. Fortunately, there are more and more metal-free alternatives in dental care these days.

For instance, with titanium, which is the most common type of dental implant, you can now get a metal-free implant. Zirconia implants are growing in popularity and use. Not only are they free of metal, but they’re equally strong. In fact, they’ve been nick-named ceramic steel.

Sadly, many dentists find these allergies controversial, especially the Clifford’s Test. I don’t know why. The human body is amazing and mysterious. I wouldn’t surprise me in the least if each person responded to things differently. It’s also supremely arrogant to assume me know everything we need to about physiology.

Your best bet is to find a holistic dentist.

What is a Holistic Dentist?

Holistic dentists, sometimes called natural or biological dentists, factor in the health of the whole body and not just the teeth. They’ll listen to what you’re saying and address your concerns. They’ll even go out of their way to find materials that are biocompatible with your body.

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Saving Money on Porcelain Veneers

My husband calls me the frugality queen. I do like to save as much money as possible. He knew I’ve always been disappointed about the condition of my smile because my parents never took us to the dentist. For our anniversary, he purchased a smile makeover for me. When I found out how much it was I almost had a stroke. I did some checking around and this dentist is higher than most of the cosmetic dentists in our area. There are several who will do it for thousands of dollars less. Would it be possible to switch to one of the more affordable dentists?


Dear Karyn,

Porcelain veneers being placed on a tooth

While I’m sure your husband appreciates the ways you try to save him money. This is one area where looking for a more affordable dentist could actually be disastrous. Do this one little thing before you write off the more pricey dentist. Look on the website and look up cosmetic dentists in your area. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you found his name on there.

This site lists expert cosmetic dentists, after verifying both their technical skill and artistry. They cannot just pay to be listed. It’s extremely useful because you can feel secure that any dentist listed on their site will give you a stunning smile. Creating porcelain veneers is an art form. To do them right takes significant skill.

Why Not Get a Cheap Cosmetic Dentist?

There are thousands of cosmetic dentistry horror stories. In fact, at our office, we’ve had to repair quite a few of those. Patients come to us after their family dentist tried to give them a smile makeover. They can be a great family dentist, but often they’re in way over their head when it comes to remaking a smile with porcelain veneers.

One such lady came to us in tears. Her brand new smile was much worse than the original smile she went to her dentist in the hopes of improving. Now she’s out thousands of dollars and has to start over.

Here’s what I suggest. Check out all the dentist’s qualifications. If they’re all listed on, then you can price shop. But, I’d take the additional steps of looking at their smile gallery to see if you like the type of results they get. Then, check out their reviews online. You want to be sure they’re pleasant to work with. Finally, call and ask if they have a beautiful smile guarantee.

Any expert cosmetic dentist will stand behind his or her work.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.