Does sleep apnea make you tired?

I’ve been tired a lot lately.  I wake up tired, even when I sleep a full night.  My doctor has checked my thyroid, my blood pressure, my vitamin D levels. Nothing has panned out.  A friend said it could be sleep apnea.  Can that make you tired? If it is sleep apnea, will I have to wear one of those Darth Vader masks?

Andrea M. – San Diego


Your friend could be right.  When you have sleep apnea, you actually wake up many times a night without realizing it because you stop breathing.  Not only is it disruptive to your rest, but it is also dangerous.

If you see a dentist who treats sleep apnea they can help you.  The solution may be as simple as wearing an oral appliance (which resembles a sports mouthguard). There are many things your dentist can use to solve your sleep apnea problem without forcing you to use a CPAP (the Darth Vader machine).

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Can you get just one porcelain veneer?

I have one tooth that really bothers me.  It’s darker than the other teeth and has some chips on it.  Can I just get one porcelain veneer or do I have to get the whole set?

Tiffany N. – Mississippi


There really isn’t a set number of porcealin veneers. Generally, for a full smile makeover you’ll get somewhere between 6 and 10 veneers, depending on how wide your smile is.  You can get any number. You could get 1 or 21. It’s really up to you…and your budget.

I will warn you, it is very hard to match one veneer to your other front tooth.  It can be done, but you have to get a dentist who has very advanced skills.

I suggest you go to and see which cosmetic dentists they recommend for your area.  They only put advanced cosmetic dentists, who have a high level of artistry on their site as recommended dentists, so you’ll be safe with one of those choices.

This blog is brought to you by Newton Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

Natural pain remedy for dry socket

I had a tooth extracted. Now it’s two days later and I’m pretty sure I have dry socket.  I’m looking for a natural (holistic) pain solution. Will clove oil work?

Danielle P. – PA


Clove oil is a decent pain reliever and would be safe to use.  It would be a good holistic solution. However, I do have a concern.  I know you’re sure that the problem is dry socket, but I’d feel better if you saw a dentist and made certain that is the reason for your pain. I’d hate for there to be another underlying issue that is being overlooked. If there is, it will only get worse.

If you’d like, there are some holistic dentists around. I’m sure you can find one somewhere near you in Pennsylvania. They’ll work with you to make sure whatever treatment is required will be natural.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Dentist Dr. Steve Bader