Why don’t my veneers match?

I had gotten some porcelain veneers just on my front four teeth, then decided my smile was so wide that I needed to get six more. I did three on each side.  I’m a little disappointed in them because they don’t match.  My dentist said back teeth are supposed to be darker, but it doesn’t seem natural looking to me.  Is he right?

Nerry G. – Chicago


He is only partially right and I’ll explain why in a moment. Before that, I want to say, it wouldn’t matter if he was right.  Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic procedure there to give you the smile you want. If you’re not thrilled with the look of your smile, the results are a failure.

Your canine tooth is generally a half shade darker at the gumline, but only at the gumline. It doesn’t draw your attention. The next teeth, the premolars, should be the same color as your incisors, so only the canine has any real difference.

There is nothing wrong with asking your dentist to redo these. You’re paying for a certain smile.  To be honest, if you had a wide smile, he should have suggested more veneers to begin with. Make sure he lets you try the next set on before bonding them, so you can make a decision.

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