Pediatric dentist wants to use fillings with mercury

I told my pediatric dentist I didn’t want to use the silver fillings because of the mercury content. He insists that children can’t do white fillings. I’m just not interested in mercury fillings at all. Are there any other options?

Emily D. – Nevada


Parents want the best for their children, so I understand your not wanting to put anything containing mercury into your child’s mouth.  It’s not impossible to put white fillings in a child’s mouth, but it is difficult. They have to be still throughout the procedure.

You’ll have to decide if that is possible for your child to do that. There are sedation options if you don’t think so.  If your dentist isn’t willing, you should try a holistic dentist. They don’t place amalgam fillings, so you’ll not have to worry about the mercury. However, make sure they are not just OK treating children, but they enjoy it.

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Wine with invisalign

I need a glass of wine or two to relax during the day. Is it ok to do that once I start invisalign?

Victoria F. – Hot Springs, AR


The answer to that question depends on when you want to have the wine. If you want to have the wine while your eating your meals, that will be fine.

If, however, you’re wanting to drink wine while the Invisalign aligners are in, I wouldn’t recommend that.  The wine will get into the aligners, which will cause tooth decay from the acidic nature of the alcohol.

You get three meals a day, so that will give you at least three glasses of wine.

This blog is brought to you by Newton Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

Flying with a CPAP

I have to fly. It’s an all night flight and I have a meeting the following morning. I’ll need sleep, which means I’ll need my cpap. How in the world will I work that out on a plane?

Rob T. – Atlanta


It can be difficult to travel with a CPAP machine, but not impossible. First, I want to ask if you’ve tried an oral appliance. They’re much easier to travel with and are just as effective in treating sleep apnea as what you’re currently using.

However, if you want to stick with your CPAP, I’ll give you some pointers.

  • You’ll need to check it as a carry on.
  • Bring sanitary wipes, because those security bins are pretty disgusting and it will get contaminated.
  • Get your doctor to write you a prescription for the distilled water. It’s the only way you’ll be able to get the amount of water you need past security.
  • Arrange with the airline to have your seat near an outlet.

If you do all that, you should be able to manage this travel.

Good luck on your meeting.  This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.