Have you heard of a dentist wanting to place a crown on each tooth?

I am an adult that wore braces as a teen. I thought this took care of my misaligned teeth. But the other day the dentist told me that my bite was off and that he wanted to place a porcelain crown on every single tooth. Do you know if this is appropriate? I want a smile that looks nice but this sounds extreme to me.

– Linda in New Jersey


That is a very aggressive treatment plan, especially with the dentist stating that your bite is off. If you had a major problem with the way your jaw was functioning, then a full mouth restoration may make sense. It is difficult to interpret what his reference to your bite being off is really addressing without actually seeing your case firsthand. Truthfully, everybody has a bite that is off in some way or another.

That said, TMJ disorder is a very serious condition that can cause your teeth to be worn down, as well as painful headaches. Sometimes when a TMJ dentist is treating this condition, porcelain crowns may be placed on each tooth. But again, a full mouth restoration is extremely complex. If this is the situation you are in, you need to make sure the dentist if very well trained in post-graduate courses in TMJ. There are specialized institutes like the Pankey Institute or the Las Vegas Institute that are nationally known for treating TMJ. Another treatment that is a more of a typical first step is a removable splint to test a new bite alignment. At that point if the problem is not remedied, crowns may be the next step.

It sounds like it may be beneficial to seek the opinion of at least one other dentist, specifically one that is experienced in treating TMJ.

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Scared about dental surgery

I’m 14 years old. In two days I have surgery where they are putting me out with anesthesia and taking out several teeth. they’re also pulling one through. I’m really scared. Can you tell me what it will feel like?

LeeAnn A. -from Illinois


You don’t need to be worried. It doesn’t really feel like anything. One moment you are awake and waiting on surgery, then the next thing you know you are waking up and everything is all over with. They’ll probably give you something to relax you even before you have the anesthesia administered.

If it helps you feel better, think about how many people go through surgeries every day without any problems whatsoever. It will be easier than taking a nap.

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