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Where can I go to get a filling without mercury in it?

I need my first dental filling, but my dentist just does silver fillings. I’ve done some research and I don’t want any mercury in my mouth. Where can I get a filling that doesn’t contain any?

Amelia H. – New Hampshire


I’m surprised your dentist only does the silver amalgam fillings.  Most dentists do both amalgam and composite fillings these days.  But, not yours I guess. Composite fillings, also known as whilte fillings, are completely mercury free.

The fastest way to find a dentist who can give you a mercury free filing is to look for a holistic dentist. They will never put in anything that contains mercury into your mouth.

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Why does my holistic dentist used sealants with BPA?

I recently went to a clinic listed as a holistic, yet he uses sealants that have BPA. What’s up with that?

Monica R. – Palm Springs


Each holistic dentist is different.  There isn’t a regulation for being labled holistic. Some are just mercury free. Some are mercury and BPA free.  Be careful. There are some who call themselves holistic and are perfectly willing to remove and replace your amalgam fillings, but don’t know about sanitary removal.

It’s kind of hard to tell what you’re getting. If you have strong feelings about certain types of treatment, it will be important to discuss this ahead of time. You’ll want to find the dentist who, even if he doesn’t do only holistic treatments, is willing to work within your desires and concerns. Communication is the key.

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Natural pain remedy for dry socket

I had a tooth extracted. Now it’s two days later and I’m pretty sure I have dry socket.  I’m looking for a natural (holistic) pain solution. Will clove oil work?

Danielle P. – PA


Clove oil is a decent pain reliever and would be safe to use.  It would be a good holistic solution. However, I do have a concern.  I know you’re sure that the problem is dry socket, but I’d feel better if you saw a dentist and made certain that is the reason for your pain. I’d hate for there to be another underlying issue that is being overlooked. If there is, it will only get worse.

If you’d like, there are some holistic dentists around. I’m sure you can find one somewhere near you in Pennsylvania. They’ll work with you to make sure whatever treatment is required will be natural.

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Are there holistic cosmetic dentists?

I have a long shot kind of question. I’m one of those people that tends to not only wants to have her cake and eat it too, but I’d like some bling on the side.  I tend to favor holistic dentists, because I’m pretty careful what kind of substances I put in my body.  However, I want to have a smile makeover too.  All the holistic dentists I’ve seen so far are just your average family dentist who doesn’t do much cosmetic work.  Are there holistic cosmetic dentists?

Olivia W. – Minn.


There’s nothing wrong with cake and bling.  To answer you question, yes, there are holistic dentists that do cosmetic dentistry.  You’ll need to be aware that any general dentist can technically call themselves a cosmetic dentist, because there is no recognized specialty in cosmetic dentistry.

You want to make sure whomever you choose has some extensive training in cosmetic procedures. Otherwise, your bling won’t look nearly as good as you’d hope.

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My dentist said white fillings aren’t good

I wanted to get a white filling, but my dentist said they’re not very good.  I’m really disappointed, because the other fillings have mercury in them and I am just not comfortable with the idea. Are the white fillings really that bad?

Dylan L. – New Orleans


I disagree completely with your dentist. I suspect hat the reason he is discouraging you from white fillings is that he’s not qualified to place them.  It could be he’s an older dentist. It isn’t until recently that some dentist schools started teaching how to do composite fillings. They take post graduate training to learn to place. I’m guessing he never did it.

The fact is composite (white) fillings strengthen your teeth, whearas their amalgam (silver) counterparts weaken your teeth. Don’t pressure your dentist to place it.  If he doesn’t have the training, it could end up a disaster.

The safest way to make sure you can get a well-place mercury-free filling, is to go to holistic dentist.  They only place mercury-free fillings. And, they’re trained to place them.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

Can not going to the dentist make you sick?

I’ve never really had any severe dental problems and haven’t been to the dentist in about ten years.  I haven’t felt well for the last year.  My medical doctor has run every kind of test known to man (or at least known to him).  He’s found nothing.  I was talking to my sister about how frustrated and disillusioned this process has made me.  She told me that my problem could be dental.  Even if I had been feeling any tooth aches, which I haven’t, how would that affect how my body feels in general?

Paula D. – Orlando, FL


You’ve been going through a difficult time. I’m sorry.  Anyone who has had a prolonged medical problem understands the helplessness that comes with that.  Your sister was right.  The state of your oral health can affect your entire body.

Your general feeling of slugishness or achiness could well come from needed dental care. Your immune system could be weakened as well.   It doesn’t have to be something obvious. It could be the beginning of gingivitis or a build up of plaque.

I would see a holistic dentist.  They lean toward treating your whole body, not just your teeth.  You’ll find you’ll have a much more open mind with a dentist that sees the coorelation between dental care and total body health.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

Pediatric dentist wants to use fillings with mercury

I told my pediatric dentist I didn’t want to use the silver fillings because of the mercury content. He insists that children can’t do white fillings. I’m just not interested in mercury fillings at all. Are there any other options?

Emily D. – Nevada


Parents want the best for their children, so I understand your not wanting to put anything containing mercury into your child’s mouth.  It’s not impossible to put white fillings in a child’s mouth, but it is difficult. They have to be still throughout the procedure.

You’ll have to decide if that is possible for your child to do that. There are sedation options if you don’t think so.  If your dentist isn’t willing, you should try a holistic dentist. They don’t place amalgam fillings, so you’ll not have to worry about the mercury. However, make sure they are not just OK treating children, but they enjoy it.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic  Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

Are Holistic Dentists Quacks?

I recently read an artilce that said holistic dentists were quacks. Is that true?

Laura T. – New Hampshire


Just as in every profession there are those who are legitimate and those who aren’t. The same is true of  holistic dentist.  While some   will try to push expensive and unnecessary homeopathics, that is not the case with most.

Generally, a holistic dentist is one who will avoid putting anything that contains toxic material into your body. Not a bad idea, if you ask me.

A holistic dentist will generally  only do mercury free fillings. They’ll also offer sanitary amalgam removal.  Those are both legitimate and good things.  I hope this helps.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

Getting rid of mercury fillings

I’ve finally decided the silver fillings I have are toxic. I want them gone. However, I have one question. Will removing them release more mercury into my system than if I left them there?

Heather L. – Austin, TX


You have asked a fantastic question! You’re right that there is a danger in contamination if the amalgam removal isn’t done properly.

You’ll want to make sure your dentist uses a rubber dam, isolite, and an alternative breathing source. Any holistic dentist will do this as a matter of course. They are more careful about treating your whole body and being sanitary.

If you can’t find an holistic dentist, you’ll probably be able to find a dentist somewhere that does sanitary amalgam removal.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.

My dentist refuses to do a white filling

I recently found out that there is a significant amount of mercury in silver fillings. I have a cavity and need to get a filling, but don’t want any more mercury in my mouth than I already have. But, my dentist refuses to do a white filling. He says they’re not as good.

Audrey P. – Maine


You’re right that there is mercury in silver (amalgam) fillings. In fact, they are 50% mercury.  Though the ADA has declared them safe, many patients just aren’t comfortable with the idea of mercury in their bodies. It is their body, so they have the right to determine what they put in it.

It’s likely your dentist doesn’t know how to place white (composite) fillings and that is why he is putting you off. I wouldn’t force him, because they take extra training to learn. He’s likely to do it wrong and then you’ll be in pain.

My suggestion is that you look for a holistic dentist to do the filling for you. They always do mercury-free fillings and will be happy to do a white filling for you.

This blog is brought to you by Newton, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Steve Bader.